Douglas has used two original prototype Blair Mutant Twin acoustic/ electric double neck guitars onstage with W.A.S.P. during the original '92 Crimson Idol, '08 15th Anniversary and '17 Re-Idolized tours to cover the important acoustic elements intertwined in the iconic record's music. They were designed and crafted using Warmoth necks and mahogany bodies, and engineered with the help of R&D heads at Ovation Guitars. A small sound chamber, covered by a braced cedar or spruce top, and Takamine 'cigarette filter' pickups are used for a superior amplified acoustic sound. Blair went on to build many more production models in the mid-90's, some pictured below, with wider neck spacing and various combinations of electric pickups and acoustic 'format' choices. He uses both a nylon-string 6/6 'Madrid Eyes' model and a 'Bristol Shores' steel-string 6/6 in his clinics and solo performances. Both 6-string steel acoustic necks have been fitted with the TronicalTune tuning gear systems.

The Mutant Twin was designed as a logical alternative to playing an acoustic guitar mounted on an upright stand--the typical manner of achieving a real acoustic sound in tandem with the use of an electric guitar. Alex Lifeson(Rush) was a big inspiration in this regard, while James Hetfield(Metallica) and other guitarists still utilize this manner. Essentially, the Mutant is an electric and acoustic sharing the same body, but being independent in all other aspects. The electronics for the bottom neck are run through the normal guitar rig, as any single neck guitar would be. The upper, acoustic neck's circuit runs independently to the PA system or a suitable amplifier. Both can be played as separate guitars, with the correct strings for each 'format.' A solid mahogany body is the foundation for the electric strings, while beneath the acoustic strings and bridge lies a small chamber, fitted with a braced, energy-absorbing spruce top for much more authentic acoustic response. The Mutant is lightweight, and only 1" wider than a regular Fender Strat body. It is amazingly easy to play and get around, with the neck spacing slightly widened from the two prototypes to the production models.