"There's nothing duller than a band that have chosen to read the blueprint and have stuck to it. I wanna see bands that are reaching beyond, even what they think they're capable of, and that's what's really important."           Steven Wilson

Upcoming events:

Friday 26 August -- Douglas will co-host, play live and 'dj' with house dj Lena at Sweden Rock Magazine/Hard Rock Cafe Stockholm's 'Top 100 Guitarists' issue celebration in Stockholm, SE. More info to follow.

Thursday - Saturday 14-16 July -- Rock Academy bands return to play at KarjuRock festival, and again Douglas will mix FOH sound.

Past events:

Friday - Sunday 8-10 July -- Douglas mixed FOH sound for three outstanding and diverse program groups from Rock Academy Finland, at RuisRock's MiniRantta stage just outside Turku, FI. 90,000 attendees over 3 days with scant trouble other that bicycle mishaps prove Earth can have peace. Look.

Friday 1 July -- Douglas visited Helsinki, FI for a Modern Heavy Metal Conference Interview at Aalto University. This unique gathering brought many subjects relating to Metal 'Culture and Practices' into a lively presentation and discussion forum for its second year. More info is here.

Wednesday 4 May -- Rock 'n' Roll Train in Jyvaskyla, FI. Rock Academy Finland and Douglas presented "Using Every Meter: Optimum Use of Stage Area by Performing Bands" featuring program band performances and discussion/examples of basic stage visuals and balance

Tuesday 3 May -- Kerubi in Joensuu, FI. Rock Academy Finland presented Douglas in full performance/clinic with discussion on style, development and focus. A live broadcast Radio City interview can be heard via SoundCloud here.

Thursday 28 April -- Stadsiblioteket in Vastaras, SE. S-V Vastmanland presented "The Last Runaway" -- Douglas in full performance/clinic. A VLT newspaper preview of the event can be seen here.

Wednesday 27 April -- Cafe Peace & Love in Borlange, SE. S-V Darlana Musik presented "The Last Runaway" -- Douglas in a full performance/clinic, with a special guest singer for 'Sleepin' In The Fire': resident celebrity Frankie Rich of Billion Dollar Babies.

24 April -- Douglas performed 'Surrender' by The Devlins(IRL) at Stefan Sauk(SE actor extraordinaire)'s 'Still Skeptic' performance at the historic Stora Teartern in Gothenburg, SE. Dedicating it to Prince RIP, it can be seen via YouTube here.

9 April -- Brummi in Rauma, FI. Rock Academy Finland presented Douglas in a full solo performance/clinic, demonstrating lead guitar, Mutant Twin acoustic/electric guitar and GuitarCross in a 'surround' presentation. He also critiqued and consulted several local Rauma program bands.

7 April -- Bio Pallas Theater in Kaarja, FI. Kelmu Ry presented Douglas in a full solo performance/clinic, where he demonstrated lead guitar, double neck Mutant Twin acoustic/electric guitar and GuitarCross in a 'surround' presentation.

29 March -- Vimma in Turku, FI. Rock Academy Finland and Douglas held a unique 'interactive melodic lead workshop', where the playing style was examined and discussed, and program guitarists participated by improvising leads over several example progressions.

19-26.4.15 -- A productive week in fertile Hamburg, DE 'covered many bases' including two GuitarCross photo shoots with renowned photographers Ronny Zeisberg(wieglas) and Evelyn Steinweg(E.ST), a visit to Cyan Guitars to plan a new GX, and Tronical Tune to discuss application to new instruments in development, and most importantly, rehearsing with monster drummer Tobias Martens of DE's Lord Of The Lost with the GuitarCross.

16.4.15 -- Douglas held a lecture entitled "Life On Tour" for Stockholm-based bands involved in "The Tube"(SVs), Sweden's country-wide 'music concept' program which helps over 1800 groups! Discussed were obstacles and solutions to typical performing and touring issues, some business perceptions, etc. Info here: www.thetube.se/welcome/

10-12.4.15 -- Newest W.A.S.P. lead guitars recorded at Auran Panimo Studios in Turku, FI using the red Les Paul Blade guitar for the first time. Engineered by Tuomas, directed by Mark Albert and approved by The Boss in LA via Skype. The lead will certainly stand out in the land of Golgotha.

9-10.4.15 -- A two-day visit to Ikata School of Guitar Making in Ikaalinen, FI has yielded a finalized Blair/Ikata "Reso-Tele" double neck body template for prototyping. Hard work with Anssi(director) and Harri, along with several ambitious students.

8.4.15 -- A full-bore clinic for the Jyvaskyla branch of Rock Academy Finland, once again entitled 'Fifty Shades Of Guitar', was held at the nice music store MusiKantti Oy with all versions of instruments represented. An interview was held with the KaossTV site. Thanks to Seppi and his team at RAF Jkl.

20-21/27-28.3.15 -- BBE(Blair, Bertenyi, Enquist) Double Neck Trio performed in four FI cities: Salo, Pernio, Hanko and Kaarja. All three playing Mutant Twin guitars.

24.3.15 -- An excellent clinic was held at the Tampere location of Rock Academy Finland. Entitled 'Fifty Shades Of Guitar', it utilized rear speakers for a 'surround' experience and was held at the amazing 13 House facility. Thanks to Lauri and his hard-working team! A full 5 s2n selections on GuitarCross were performed.

23.3.15 -- A rousing acoustic/electric duo edition of W.A.S.P.'s "Sleepin' In The Fire" was performed on the Mutant double neck, with special guest vocalist Noora from BATTLE BEAST as part of Mike's Monster Jam at Henry's Pub in Tampere, FI. Noora then kicked ass on a Janis Joplin song with the full band!

28.2.15 -- The "Witch House Trio" featuring Anders Ringman, Mike Dalager and dbl, performed short sets in two intimate sci-fi bookstore settings -- first in Malmo, SE and then Copenhagen, DK -- in the same day! Joined by Stefan Sauk for Swedish HPL readings at the SE show, the trio traveled 'internationally' by train. A cool review of the DK stop can be found here.

18-19.2.15 -- dbl returned to  the Ikata School in Ikaalinen, FI for some glass-blowing and a full-bore clinic in the auditorium. This time, rear speakers were used for dbl's 'surround' premier utilizing the Mutant Twin and ASIA 12-string guitar. An in-depth interview was filmed outside on the sunny snowy day, and can be seen here.

16.2.14 -- dbl has been frequenting Mike Lynch's 'Monster Jam' Mondays at Henry's Pub in Tempere, FI. Enjoying playing with the fine house band featuring Kalle on lead guitar for the first set, various guests are brought onstage for the second set, which wraps up after 3am!! (of course, in the summer, it's already light outside...)

2.14 -- Ongoing editing work with engineer Kenny Lewis at Mixed Emotions Studios in Middleton, MA yields new signal2noise John Anthony drum tracks that dbl can sing and play GuitarCross over at his upcoming clinics. Since the tracks were cut live in the studio originally, there is considerable 'bleed' of the GX sounds into the drum microphones, hence some work 'cleaning' it out a bit to play over.

17-31.1.15 -- a productive trip to L.A. included W.A.S.P. meetings, writing and further lead recording onto the King Studer 2-inch, visits to the NAMM show, and an amazing Witch House recording session with ex-KISS axeman Bruce Kulick, Stefan Sauk and cellist Tina Guo at the legendary Stagg Street Studios, recording an epic new song called "The Refuge of Penitence". This was covered in stories in SE's daily Aftonbladet, and Blabbermouth.com.

15.12.14 -- Every Monday night, Crucified Barbara members Ida and Klara present their guest dj nights at Noel's on Soder in Stockholm, SE. dbl 'gj'd' -- running his favorite songs and playing along with many via the Axe-FX, adding a new element to the usual atmosphere of the intimate club.

8-9.12.14 -- dbl was very honored to join esteemed actor Stefan Sauk on the last two stops of his 37-city "Still Skeptic" Swedish theater tour. In beautiful historic venues
in Lund and Vaxjo, dbl sang Irish trio The Devlins's beautiful "Surrender" solo on his Mutant Twin, and also joined Stefan onstage for the encore number.

26.11.14 -- Douglas held a clinic at the Salo, FI student center "Steisse", playing and showing his various instruments, and covering many topics of the business.

12.11.14 -- A large-scale clinic/performance was held at the campus of IKATA School of Guitar Building in Ikaalinen, FI. dbl was treated to a full tour of the luthiery facilities, as well as the other amazing departments of this leading school. All bases were covered, with W.A.S.P. stage guitars, Mutant Twin double necks, GX and ASIA dual-format instruments all represented.

31.10.14 -- dbl performed a memorial(BV) acoustic double neck duo set with Nina Jiers, opera singer of Neopera(DE) on Hallowe'en night at a benefit event for an amazing German Castle. Joining the duo onstage was Gared Dirge(Lord Of the Lost, keys), and Meinhard von Falkenberg.

30.10.14 -- Douglas was invited to the Hamburg, DE headquarters of TronicalTune, inventors of the amazing servo-motor operated programmable tuning gears. There, a set was installed on the original Mutant double neck's acoustic neck. Inventor Chris Adams was impressed with the innovative dual-format guitars and how effective his tuners are in this application. See his artist profile here.

A very in-depth comprehensive article conducted by Martin Carlsson of Sweden Rock Magazine with dbl in the spring appears in the issue #9 subscribers' edition. The newsstand edition(sans dbl article) is in SE stores 20 October, and features 4 successive half-page ads for Dreams In The Witch House, featuring dbl, Bruce Kuiick(ex-KISS) and ESP guitars.

dbl joined Wolf(SE) onstage, and performed a 45-minute 'gj' set(favorite songs with live lead/acoustic guitars) on Sweden Rock/Rockklassiker Radio's Rockbaten Cruise.

dbl fulfilled an old dream and joined the Deathstars(SE) onstage at Debaser in Stockholm 4 October to play a lead on the epic "Chertograd" number.

Horror-themed Frombeyond.se(SE) interview conducted with dbl at the 5th annual Stockholm(SE) H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival 3-5 October can be read here.

Actor Stefan Sauk's 37-city(SE) fall "Still Skeptic" politi-commentary tour debuts 2 October with dbl's "Malajka" video on JumboTron

MetalShockFinland.com(FI) has posted an extensive in-depth interview conducted with dbl in September. It can be seen here.

RockHard Magazine(DE) has published an iPhone/IPad-only app version of an interview with dbl conducted over the summer. Info can be found here.

W.A.S.P. "GOLGOTHA" leads completed in LA(US), using the 1992 Washburn N4 "church window" guitar with "Sustainiac" and 2" Studer 24-tracks machine

The cool gear blog Guitarzombien.com(SE) has posted a great interview conducted with dbl(in Swedish) recently. It can be found here.

RUN 21 alumni Matt Franklin(aka MATT STARR), of the ACE FREHLEY BAND(KISS), recruited to touring drummer slot for MR. BIG's upcoming world tour!! 

28 August Blabbermouth.net(US) story-grab from the MetalShockFinland(FI) article below. You can see it here.

26 August MetalShockFinland.com(FI) s2n-related interview conducted by Tarja Virmakari. Article is here.

dbl performs a LIVE/DJ set in Stockholm, shredding leads over favorite metal and rock tracks. Check out the event here.

W.A.S.P. rips 17 live shows including SWEDEN ROCK FEST(SE), GRASPOP METAL MEETING(BE) and WACKEN WORLD'S FAIR OF METAL(DE) festivals

12 July Blabbermouth.net(US) coverage of a 3-part video interview conducted by Vince Boncamper in Tampere(FI). Check it out here.

dbl debuts 3 new, highly-modified ESP EC-series guitars live in RU, presents ESP with proposal for signature EC-1000T/DBL model. Look here.

dbl debuts GUITARCROSS in EU at TAMPERE(FI) GUITAR FESTIVAL clinic. Co-sponsored by ITAKA School of Luthiery and OAKBRIDGE GUITARS, FI

dbl lead in "I'll Sleep When You're Dead" released on LORD OF THE LOST(DE)'s new CD "From The Fire Into the Flame"(OUT OF LINE RECORDS). listen!

DREAMS IN THE WITCH HOUSE video recorded in LA for VINYL REWIND using new ESP EC-1000T/DBL guitar 

DREAMS IN THE WITCH HOUSE Portland, OR H.P. LOVECRAFT fest event kicks ass with live performances. A video recap can by seen here.

dbl records audio/video live performance of Kenyan traditional song "Malajka" with legendary Swedish actor STEFAN SAUK(GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO) for his upcoming politi-commentary tour

dbl clinic at TEMPLECON conference(Warwick, RI) with WITCH HOUSE

dbl solidifies new ESP Guitars endorsement deal at NAMM LA

1/3/14 - Douglas' official artist page is finally up on facebook. An AWESOME song recorded by Devin Townsend on dbl's Hamer GuitarCross can be heard here. It appears on DTP's Epiclouder CD, and is included by permission.

12/20/13 - German Metal Site XXX-Rock.com "Respect The Rock" has posted an in-depth interview with dbl regarding the DITWH project, W.A.S.P. plans, as well as instrument invention topics! Check it out here. Special thanks to 
Christian Schrübbers!

12/19/13 - TempleCon has announced a guitar clinic and workshop by dbl on 8 Feb., 2014 in W.Warwick, RI. Check it out here.

12/17/13 - The First Noel, recorded by Douglas in 1987-1990, has been posted for download here. Spread the Heavy Holiday Cheer!

12/10/13 - Dreams In The Witch House have announced an appearance at the TempleCon convention Feb. 6-9 in Warwick, RI USA.

12/09/13 - Douglas has made his fifth solo trip abroad in a year, to meet contacts and work in Stockholm, Turku and Tampere. With sessions at Kangasala High School and Rock Academy Turku, as well as final perfomances with his Double Neck Acoustic Trio BBE, he wraps up a busy year of clinics and coaching. Elemental was the ability to 'carry-on' his Fractal Axe-FX II unit, now housed in an awesome SKB road case, using it to full advantage in all situations with regular electric and Mutant Twin double necks.

11/28/13 - DITWH has been racking up quite a series of excellent reviews from various sites. Check out here, here(DE-German), here, here(DK), and here. An awesome 'sneak peak' video can be seen here!

11/27/13 - A bit more finger-shredding lead recording has commenced in Los Angeles at the boss's old-school 2" Studer 24-track analog studio. The wine-red 1995 Les Paul Studio thru DOD EQ into 1970 Marshall Super Lead 100W does the trick. RU/UKR dates for the first of several spring summer trips abroad--this one commencing with W.A.S.P.'s third appearance at the legendary Sweden Rock Festival--have been posted here.

11/20/13 - Douglas is featured in a short promotional interview for Dreams In The Witch House conducted in Stockholm, Sweden. Here you can see him discussing his guitar inventions, power trio Run 21, and his role in the project. W.A.S.P. recording sessions have also reconvened in Los Angeles for the forthcoming new release, slated for 2014.

10/30/13 - A cool review of the Dreams In The Witch House CD/LP can be seen here.

10/29/13 - Douglas has been added to Fractal Audio online artist page, a quote and photo can bee seen here. Scroll down to the very bottom, past many lifelong idols including Alex Lifeson(Rush) and Steve Stevens(Billy Idol). The Axe-FX will become integral to Douglas's clinics and s2n performances abroad, due to it's power and portability.

10/13/13 - As part of the extensive week-long H.P. Lovecraft Society Festival III in Stockholm, Sweden, the Dreams In The Witch House CD/LP release party at KGB was a resounding success. A quintet including Douglas, Chris Laney and WH cast members performed No Looking Back from the CD on acoustic and electric guitars. Rehearsal footage from Polar Studios in Stockholm can be seen here. A signing event was held at Kulturhuset the following day.

09/24/13 - Some new Rock Academy press and reviews of Finnish clinics/events can be viewed hereherehere and here. It's all in Finnish but try copy/pasting into Google translate.

09/10/13 - Douglas embarks on another Scandinavian 'mini-tour' with a full schedule of clinics and performances in several cities/countries, orientation work at 2 Rock Academies, attending Trashfest in Helsinki, FI, and celebrating the release of Dreams In The Witch House at KGB Club in Stockholm, where he'll perform with actors and singers. He'll also deliver a second Blair Mutant Twin double neck for Europe, to his bandmate in the Turku-based 'acoustic double neck trio' BBE. You can read/see some Finnish press herehere and here. Here is an interview posted in a Turku online magazine.

08/27/13 - The Dreams In The Witch House rock opera site has gone live, with three audio tracks to check out here. Douglas plays a lead on the first track called The Nightmare.

08/15/13 - Douglas will appear in Providence, RI on August 24-25 as part of the Necronomicon HP Lovecraft Festival at the historic Biltmore Hotel, promoting the upcoming release of the completed 'Dreams In The Witch House' Rock Opera, being released on CD, Double LP and digital download on 13 October, 2013.

08/13/13 - s2n drummer John Anthony has been hired by Boston blues-rock legend John Butcher(John Butcher Axis) for work on an upcoming record and European tour in Spring of 2014. 

07/25/13 - Summering in Stockholm after Finnish rock work, where his acoustic trio BBE played its third show and TRA bands performed at the Ruis Rock festival, Douglas attends Skogsroijet Festival where W.A.S.P. performed in 2011. Scandinavia also recieved its first ever Blair Mutant Twin, which can be seen here.

06/18/13 - Wishing the boss a speedy recovery while lamenting the loss of 4 W.A.S.P. summer festival appearances, Douglas will return to Sweden and Finland for more work with Rock Academy bands who will perform at Turku's Ruis Rock festival in early July, and to deliver a brand new Blair Mutant Twin acoustic/electric double neck guitar to a buyer who saw him play his prototype in June.

05/26/13 - Douglas returns on his second solo Scandinavian journey with visits to Rock Academy Turku, FI and Henry's Pub in Tampere, FI. On tap is orientation and presentations for the 6 young bands that have been selected for this year's RA program, and sitting in with some of Tampere's best musicians. An article printed in a Turku, FI newpaper can be seen here(try Google Translate)..

05/22/13 - Listen to a very interesting and crazy interview with
John Anthony on talkingmetal.com, recorded at Irving Plaza in New York City, while he was touring with Ethan Brosh and supporting the Yngwie Malmsteen US tour. You can check it out here

05/09/13 - Douglas has recieved three new ESP EC series electric guitars for modification and use on the next W.A.S.P. full tour. He has also acquired the top-of-the-line guitar processor for the GuitarCross from Fractal Audio Systems: the Axe-FX II. Programming will commence and result in ease of performing overseas with the full complement of sounds.

05/03/13 - After a week of Los Angeles rehearsals and
ESP headquarters raids(where the Blade II created a minor work stoppage), W.A.S.P. ripped through a 75-minute headlining set at the M3 Festival in Merriweather, MD. Awesome event--so wish there were more here in the USA!

05/01/13 - Douglas has an article featuring the GuitarCross published in May's issue of Machine Rock Magazine from Stockholm, Sweden. Check it out here.

04/29/13 - Douglas has recorded leads for two songs in a rock opera project based upon H.P. Lovecraft's short story "Dreams In The Witch House", circa 1930's. The project is co-produced in North Hollywood, CA and Stockholm, Sweden, and an August, 2013 international release is planned.

04/23/13 - s2n drummer
John Anthony is embarking on a 15-city nationwide tour with Boston's Berklee shredder Ethan Brosh, in support of Swedish Guitar Master Yngwie J. Malmsteen. Coincidentally, he will be rubbing elbows with former W.A.S.P. drummer Patrick Johansson, who has been Yngwie's drummer since 2006. Dates can be found here.

04/13/13 -
An in-depth interview conducted during Douglas' recent trip to Moscow, RU has been published on the online metal site Headbanger.RU and can be checked out right here. Topics hashed out include hellacious Moscow, guitar companies, signal2noise, mental illness, and Russian overnight train attendants.

03/08/13 - Douglas is excited to be working with
ESP Guitars and Fractal Audio Systems on new guitars and amplification for 2013!


Douglas has completed a successful winter 2013 European clinic/guest performance tour, surviving Moscow and a Stockholm kidnapping by Deathstar's Skinny, visiting the amazing Toontracks Studios in Umea, SE, becoming a honorary member of the Turku Live Music Association(TELMU), and sitting in with Helsinki rockers Bar-B-Q Barbies, among other highlights. Check out the promotional posters here.

03/02/13 - House Of Metal Festival, guitar clinic at Folkshuset Umea, SE 1pm-2:30pm

02/23/13 - The Winter Invasion, guitar clinic/guest performances at Music Town/Rock City Moscow, RU

02/20-21/13 - Turku Bandstand Competition, special guest judge at Vimma Turku, FI

02/18/13 - Mike's Monster Jam, guest performance with house band at Henry's Pub Tampere, FI 12am-3am

02/18/13 - Tampere Guitar School, guitar clinic at Laterna Tampere, FI 6pm


02/13/13 - new track
Explain posted on site-wide audio player

01/01/13 - new track Mind Wasp, recorded by Devin Townsend on Blair's barrowed Hamer GX, is released on DTP's Epicloud CD. It can be heard here, and special thanks from the liner notes can be seen here.

12/10/12 - Douglas held a formal guitar clinic for
Rock Academy Turku at Vimma in Turku, FI. Press can be seenhere.


12/07/12 -
W.A.S.P. completed a highly-successful 15-country 57-show initial leg of their 30th Anniversary World Tour. More news here.

07/15/12 - Douglas has had an interview published in the October, 2012 issue of Czech Republic's Musikus Magazine. It can be seen here.

06/25/12 - Another hot summer fest season has been completed with 16 shows in 10 countries, including 6 Metalfests. Check it out here.

05/25/12 - Douglas has been featured in the April, 2012 Russian edition issue of Classic Rock Magazine as well the May, 2012 special 300th issue edition of Rock Hard Magazine, DE. Check them out here!

05/15/12 - Between 24 April and 13 May, Douglas traveled to The Boss's Westlake, CA all-analog recording studio to lay down leads for his 3rd CD with the group. Read about it here.

04/15/12 - The studio Strats and Gibson Les Paul are being dusted off, tuned-up, and fired up for upcoming sessions on a new W.A.S.P. CD!


10/25/11 - work is progressing rapidly at Mixed Emotion Studios with engineer Kenny Lewis(Stryper) on six uncompleted s2n studio tracks!

10/14/11 - Blair's Hamer GuitarCross has been lent indefinitely to one of his BIG heros... let's see what the Hevy Devy will do with it!

8/23/11 - Blair's Les Paul Blade II has been featured in the September, 2011 issue of Premier Guitar Magazine(US) in the 'Guitar of the Month' section. Check it out here.

6/18/11 - new photos of Blair Les Paul Blade stage guitars have been posted here.

4/14/11 - Heart of Darkness, a second instrumental tracked live at The Glue Factory, can be heard on the audio player.

4/04/11 - Mother, the first cut recorded live at The Glue Factory, s2n's Boston rehearsal facility, has been posted on the site-wide audio player. Creatively employed is a mid-80's Boss RPS-10 Pitch Shifter/Delay in its main riff on the GX.

4/02/11 - Check out the guitar page featuring Blair's custom-designed and hand-built instruments, from Super Strats to Turbo Les Pauls, Mutant Twin double necks and the ASIA, it's all here.

3/30/11 - New Run 21 page is under construction: check out Blair's formative years 
here, and see his first national US press here.

9/22/10 - See the Metal Hammer Germany review of W.A.S.P.'s performance at the 2010 Wacken Metal Festival

1/21/10 - Douglas has contributed an editorial article to the 1/10 issue of Finland's RYTMI music magazine. The piece, entitled Back To The Source of Music, can be read in English