1. hear


<font color="#ffffff" size="3">Everything in this world is a mess I must confess <br />
People are dyin all around you <br />
Dig a hole man cuz you might be next <br />
So little thought that goes into resolve <br />
That it makes me crazy in the head <br />
So little feeling on war-ground tore-ground <br />
<br />
Hear what I say, hear what I say, hear what I say, hear what I say <br />
<br />
So lets talk about this for a minute <br />
Lets talk about this right now <br />
About the letdowns and the meltdowns <br />
Theres no hope when youre drownin <br />
Are you being crucified by other peoples minds? <br />
Its time to come together and realize! <br />
<br />