signal2noise entered the realm of the VR Sonic Temple on the first of July 2020. Stretching the limits of typical 'live'-themed streamed shows, the concept includes an "in-studio" approach -- along with interviews, a rustic, vintage camera lens vibe and an all-analog audio stream running through a vintage 'C'-cassette player for natural tape saturation! Video director Slade and studio head Jussi Viola have spearheaded the unique effort, while staff engineer Jori Saloranta mixes the session live and analog!

VR Studios has been the go-to recording studio for Turku Rock Academy, with a great reputation for pulling in bands from far and wide. Its wide array of sought-after analog gear, keyboards, vintage drum sets, mixing boards and even a genuine Studer 2-inch 24-track tape machine procured from a famous UK Studio are all rare assets for those in the know.

set sequence:

1. generica
2. out
3. contrast
4. interview
5. mother
6. disown
7. Winterhude(solo)
8. technology going nowhere(drum solo)
9. interview
10. staring
11. explain
12. Welcome(Outhouse cover)

STREAM ON! 5.7.2020