1. out


<font color="#ffffff" size="3">Come into this world I slave to build around me <br />
Come into this world where your love will surround me <br />
Take this heart I have to wipe the floor <br />
The floor around you <br />
Take this soul of mine wishing I never found you <br />
<br />
Climb down into this hole that I wake up to <br />
Climb down and feel the space that lies <br />
Lies around you <br />
<br />
Take me out of my hell&nbsp;<br />
break me out of my shell <br />
Rape me I will not tell&nbsp;<br />
make me rot in my cell <br />
<br />
Watch my hair go grey as I walk the streets with out you <br />
And the lines in my face deep enough to fall into <br />
<br />