Devin Townsend "The MIND WASP" from Epicouder 2013

Metal God Devin Townsend barrowed my Hamer GuitarCross for over 2 years, finally releasing it back to me in Stockholm, SE. He recorded this track on it, obviously playing the crap out of its 8 strings! What a SICK riff!
From the Epiclouder liner notes: "The Mind Wasp: So Doug, who plays lead guitar in WASP, leant me a really cool 8-string bass he made... with a variax in it and all sorts of stuff, Super cool. This was the first riff I wrote on it. Dave put some sweet Kashmir type keys on it. I like the song, and originally it was going to end the first disc of Epicloud, but I kept feeling that the feeling it would leave the listener with was pretty ominous... almost like the hopefully nature of the main songs were a lure into a kind of malicious climax. But really... it came down to saying 'nope...' and now here it sits, relegated to the middle of the bonus disc. See? ...Science don't know."

To see more of this 1984 Hamer 8-string, originally custom-built for Boston's J. Giles Band, go here and scroll to the bottom.
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