FOH mixing/sound design -- an engineer who is actually there for YOU

As a musician/technician with decades of hands-on work experience - on ALL sides of the picture: onstage, side stage, backstage, FOH, repair/handling all gear, etc. - my many years working in and with bands have resulted in a diverse and unique approach. Rather opposite of school-trained engineers, I learned to mix fully 'by ear', and 'in the field'. Precisely as in playing with other musicians, to me, foremost to mixing sound is 'listening', very closely.

Neatly sandwiched between teaching, touring, and luthier/manufacturing stints, I've held FOH positions for regional touring bands(500+ shows), audio production firms, major venues(House Of Blues Boston) and educational organizations (Rock Academy Finland). From small clubs to major festivals, and with intimate contact with all things analog and digital, I've naturally fused my knowledge and use of guitar gear with the decades of touring experience from multiple angles. I approach sound design with the passion of a motivated artist, applying an out-of-the-box viewpoint to achieve effective results.

Looking for a few great bands ...

I am currently scouting for unique and committed original bands of any genre, who would benefit from an ambitious and experienced FOH engineer: one who approaches the mission from a musician's perspective. I endeavor to get inside the style and message of each band - almost as another member - to maximize each members' and the band's potential at every performance.

I enjoy working in smaller, more 'challenging' venues - where a methodical and precise preparation routine will ensure optimum results within the existing technical confines. I've 'learned the ropes' from some of the best in the bizz, always observant and involved when touring with W.A.S.P. - and also watching the support act's production and show. It's not only about knowing what to do -- it's also about what not to do.

In particular, I'd love to work with unsigned, or newer groups early in their touring careers - those typically relegated to multi-act bills and/or at the mercy of comatose house engineers. I utilize several digital mixing units that I not only prepare and customize for each group/show, but upon which I am also developing proprietary techniques.

What's on the menu ...

I am available to engineer per band, per show. Options to use my desk at a given show will be determined, and if house desk use is required, I will research, advance and prepare fully for its use. Distance and travel are variables to be settled upon. In multi-band situations, I can act as FOH and 'stage manager' for the entire show, including organizing load-in/sound check/showtime logistics and timetables.

I travel with my Behringer x32 Compact, and have access to a Midas DL16 stage box and Cat5 cable spool for use in any venue. I have worked most live rooms in major FI cities, and appreciate the challenge of negotiating tougher audio environments and organizing seamless multi-band shows. I have also employed '4-point audio' in the form of extra speakers placed in the rear of venues, very effectively and in numerous venues and festivals.