summer 2011 run

From late-July through mid-August, W.A.S.P. completed a busy and successful fly/drive run of 16 shows including several large and small festivals, and many hot sweaty rock clubs in the spirit of real performance! Blair took out a guitar he built in 11th grade wood shop class, and recently refinished and overhauled, along with a new custom case that holds it and his Les Paul Blade in a manner that will not be damaged by the airlines(the LP headstock was broken twice last year, in two different custom flight cases!). The Mockingbird has become the new opening and closing guitar, and lit up the stages all throughout the run. Highlights were the awesome Bloodstock Festival, where the band followed a spirited set by Devin Townsend in the UK, and the next night at the Skogsrojet Festival in Sweden, following Hardcore Superstar and D-A-D, among others, under a chilly full moonlit night. Many high-quality videos can be found on YouTube of many of the shows, including ones of the final show in Jevnaker, Norway where bandleader Lawless dedicated a prayer and the final song to those killed in the rampage that took place very close by.