Our past and upcoming releases!

fighting mental illness

self-released, 2007
produced by s2n
engineered by patrick johnson, robert ignazio, kenny lewis

1  generica           dbl vox
2  out                   dbl vox
3  hear                   ja vox
4  technology going nowhere   inst.
5  contrast            dbl vox
6  desolation           ja vox
7  disown              dbl vox
8  corner               dbl vox
9  moment2moment            ja vox
10 yz           rush cover inst.
11 bled           inst.

The Glue Factory recordings:
posted, 2011
produced by s2n

1 Mother           inst.
2 Heart of Darkness  inst.

How s2n records

s2n records 'live in the studio': how the GX and drum set are played--as well as the interaction between the two players--prohibits overdubbing instruments individually. These days, with infinite digital audio tracks and boundless data exchange, rarely do musicians record together. s2n strives to capture not only the energy, but the random element, the risk, the mistakes and the feel of players performing live. Only vocals are added later, as are extra guitar or percussion tracks on occasion.

On tracking day, all drums are individually mic'd. Multiple guitar amps, bass amps and cabinets are set up in isolated rooms, and then mic'd with a variety of mics. This allows for great 'tone' flexibilty down the road in terms of choosing, blending and building composite tones of the GX performance. Various amps are set for diverse sounds and sent through 4x12 cabs, 2x12's, etc.

Standing close to each other and without the hinderance of headphones, the duo runs through the tracks several times each. The engineer simply leaves the system in record the entire time, cataloging the tracks and sometimes catching some happy accidents and unplanned excursions.

The Glue Factory rehearsal facility recordings are being made with all instrumentation mic'd up and mixed through a 24-channel analog mixer with onboard digital effects, and then routed into a digital Tascam unit. Only two tracks(stereo) are recorded and burned onto its internal disc. No triggers, sequencers, loopers, overdubs, outboard gear, additional software or edits are used. The intention is to emulate a live situation as closely as possible and to thrive within those limitations.