6x4 steel timbale tom
8x7 tom
10x8 tom
12x9 tom
14x11 floor
16x13 floor
22x18 kick
14x5.5 six in ten all maple snare
11" LP timbales


Roland SPD-S sampling pad
12 Channel Digital board
Duel 31 Band EQ
2 duel 15" JBL full range cabs
6 Sennheiser E604 Drum mics
Sure Beta Snare mic
Sure SM57 Vocal mic
AKG D112 Kick Drum mic 


22" Heavy Ride
20" China
19" China
16" Wuhan China
14" Wuhan China
12" Wuhan China
20" Crash
18" Crash
2 16" Crash
14" Hats
13" Hats
2 10" Splashes
8" Splash
3",5,"7" Accent Cymbals 


High Pitch Jam Block          Low Pitch Jam Block
Black Beauty Cow Bell        Large LP Cow Bell
Single Row LP Chimes      Double Row LP Chimes with 5 varied pitch bells 
11" LP Quinto          Mounted Tambourine on 14" Hats 
12" LP Conga


Pearl DR 4 sided rack          Pearl and DW Cymbal arms 
DW Snare stand          DW 9000 High Hat 
DW 9000 Remote High Hat         DW 9000 Double Bass


Piggy-backed main kick drum:
two 22"x18" kicks held together with...
positioned on (left)high-hat side of snare
activated by left-hand modified double pedal

Piggy-backed splash cymbals:
sharing common stand with other cymbals

Mini auxiliary right-side kick drum:
seperate pedal
suspended from above
front-head mic'd

Mini hip-hop snare:
mounted directly to right of snare
for use with little kick

Wood-block array:
various pitches, sizes
mounted above timbales
wind chimes, splashes, etc.