American expat Douglas Blair is lead guitarist of L.A.'s W.A.S.P., and the main conspirator of the 'power duo' concept project signal2noise. He is also an educator, lecturer, clinician, instrument designer and builder, and live sound engineer. Touring and recording with W.A.S.P. since 2006, he uses severely self-customized guitars, and his innovative self-designed Blair 'Mutant Twin' acoustic/electric double neck instruments. With signal2noise, further development has yielded the 8-string 'GuitarCross' bass/guitar hybrids and 12-string steel/nylon 'A.S.I.A.' instruments that are utilized in 4-speaker 'surround' sound. A frequent guest soloist on various international musical projects, Blair is also a visiting professor at Rock Academy Finland, and is endorsed by ESP Guitars, Fractal Audio Systems, and SKB cases. He regularly holds various EU clinics and performances, allowing these diverse and innovative projects to be both radical and continuously-evolving.